What’s the best way to haggle in Marrakech?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Luke O’Brien

Marrakech doesn't have a baseball team, but it's in the big leagues when it comes to professional fleecing. As any local will tell you, the real sport in town is haggling. Here's a primer for souk success: 1.) Check bargains in different places to get a sense for the market 2.) Be nice when you knock at least 50 percent off the first quoted price 3.) Point out flaws in the merchandise, again while being nice 4.) As you get closer to settling on a price, express dismay and/or benign outrage 5.) Walk away. Yes, walk away. You don't need a couture kaftan. You don't really want it. You don't even like it anymore. As soon as you convince yourself of all this, the couture kaftan will be yours.

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