What is public transportation like in Mendoza?

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Public transportation is an option in Mendoza, though the nucleus is the center of the city. The bus lines are the most extensive, but the more you get away from the city and into the far reaches of the region, the fewer bus options there are. Mendoza also has a light rail, though its reach is not as extensive as the bus system.

Many backpackers and budget travelers will rely on the bus system to get to where they want to go, but it isn’t always an easy trip. To start, do not expect the bus driver to speak English. And even if he or she has some basic understanding, many are committed to their routes and getting their passengers (mostly locals) to where they need to go and will not take time for handholding.

Some will go out of their way to help outsiders navigate, but it’s really a lottery. If you are planning to take the public bus on your outing—  which again, is doable — be sure to get detailed and specific instructions before leaving, ideally from your hotel. You’ll want to know exactly where the stop is, what bus number you want, what to look for along the way and where to get off.

Most tourists who are in Mendoza to wine and dine opt to hire a private driver who accommodates their schedule. And there is no public transportation option to get to many of the vineyards.

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