What is the design style of SLS Hotel South Beach?

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Carissa Chesanek

The design style of SLS Hotel South Beach is modern, tantalizing and playful. Noted normally for his muted tones, Philippe Starck revamped this historic hotel into something trendy and fun simply by adding bold colors, abstract art and life-size portraits of his own friends inside the elevators. Starck also took the original mural painted near the hotel’s entrance and made the simple black-and-white landscape motif pop with brighter hues splashed on by a local artist. 

The oceanfront hotel offers a design realm that mixes in Latin and Asian styles with a bold contemporary face that stays true to the art deco designs that South Beach is famed for, thanks to the strong geometric shapes and lavish hues found both inside and out. While the SLS does offer elegance and sophistication, it’s infused with the designer’s humor, featuring offbeat random, “dreamlike” décor (one room holds a bull’s head dressed in a shiny pink mask while the other offers lamps laced in pearls), that makes the tallest art deco building in the area stand out from the rest.

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