What are five things I should know about Neomi’s?

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Here are five noteworthy things to know about Neomi's inside Trump International Beach Resort Miami:
1. Reservations not required. If you lost track of time at the beach or spent the entire day in a conference room where it wasn’t exactly cool to step out and make a restaurant reservation, don’t let that stop you from dining at Neomi's. The restaurant inside Trump International Beach Resort Miami is rarely crowded, so popping in for a spontaneous meal along the beach is most definitely an option.

2. The restaurant doesn’t have an actual bar so if you want to start the evening with a cocktail, head to Trump's Fusion Lounge for a range of specialty drinks. Otherwise, you can order beers, liquors and wine from your table inside the restaurant.

3. The menu blends Latin and Italian flavors. Creative dishes include cannelloni pasta served “enchilada style” with smoked chicken and a red mole sauce, arancini with chimichurri dipping sauce and even spaghetti and meatballs with a generous shaving of manchego instead of the usual Parmesan.

4. You can bring the kids. Neomi's can be romantic, but it is also family- friendly. The restaurant offers ample space and plenty of large tables, making Neomi's a nice option for family and group gatherings.

5. The food can be rich but save room for dessert. How often do you get to eat deep-fried cheesecake? The dessert is rolled so that it resembles a churro. If that’s a little heavy, there’s a heavenly key lime cheesecake and gelato ice cream cones.

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