What is the food presentation like at Neomi’s?

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Food at Neomi's at Trump International Beach Resort Miami is neatly presented, with fine attention to detail. Courses are served in white porcelain dishes of varying shapes and sizes and are plated by chefs who thoughtfully integrate various colors, textures and heights into each dish. The chianti short ribs, for example, are placed in the center of a large square plate with a triangle shaped white potato omelet on the side. Crunchy broccolini is placed on top of the tender meat, while avocado puree and colorful sauces are carefully used to accessorize the dish. A gazpacho ensalada may sound simple enough, but when baby greens, Marcona almonds, cucumber, roasted peppers and heirloom tomatoes are piled like a pyramid on top of bright green gazpacho dressing, it is as much visually enticing as it is fun to eat.

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