What is the service like at Scarpetta Miami Beach?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Based on our most recent visit to Scarpetta Miami Beach, we came away with mixed feelings about the Italian restaurant’s service. While we had friendly servers who told us all about Scott Conant’s signature dishes like the spaghetti with tomato and basil and the creamy polenta with mushrooms, the host and bar staff were a little less than welcoming. When we walked into the restaurant, we weren’t acknowledged by the hostess. When we finally made it to the bar for a cocktail, the bartender literally threw a menu down in front of us since he was busy handling a crowd of boisterous hotel revelers. Service improved once we reached our table, and many of our dishes were even garnished and sauced tableside, which was an elegant touch. We’re not quite sure if we think our servers should regularly be winking at us, but given the overall relaxed atmosphere at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant, we’ll let it go. Still, given the high quality of Scott Conant’s Italian cuisine, we’d like to see service that is on par with the level of the food served at Scarpetta.

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