What are the wet areas like at Lapis The Spa at Fontainebleau?

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Without a doubt, the unique and myriad wet areas at Lapis The Spa at Fontainebleau are our favorite aspect of the Miami Beach retreat. The spa offers five main water elements featuring the sensations of mist, rain and steam to complement and enhance the spa’s treatments. For swimming and soaking, you’ll find a warm (92 degrees F), 75-foot lap pool that’s been enriched with minerals and nutrients to energize your body and soften your skin. It’s not very deep, but the jets help massage your limbs and the temperature is ideal for relaxing without overheating. If you’d like something hotter, however, go for the immersion mineral water jet baths in the male- and female-only sections of the spa. Clothing is optional here, and you can soak in the 104 degree F heated tub with jets.
Near the hot tub you’ll find the eucalyptus infusion steam room, a turquoise glass-tiled room where you can inhale the fresh, herbal scent as the toxins leave your body. For added bliss, grab two slices of cucumbers from the bowl near the hot tub and rest them on your eyes as you sit back, letting the steam envelop you.
The Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star spa’s most unique wet areas, however, are those which incorporate shower and rain-like elements. In the element rain tunnel, you’ll encounter multiple jets massaging your body with streams of warm and cool water, while in the Bleau rain room, a blue haze envelops your body as warm showers embrace and massage you. And in the energy deluge shower, jets cascade warm water over you to help you feel renewed and revitalized.
Even if you’re not interested in booking a treatment, we’d recommend paying a visit to Lapis Spa simply to use the wet areas. A day pass costs $35 and also includes use of the gym and outdoor swimming pool — though with so many pampering water treatments within Lapis Spa itself, we see no reason why you’d want to leave the Fontainebleau Miami Beach spa.

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