What words best describe the style The Saint Paul Hotel?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Soaking up the style of the Forbes Travel Guide Recommended Saint Paul Hotel is easy to do whether you stay for a long weekend or a full week. Here are the words we’d use to describe the storied hotel:  
1. Elegant. Glittering chandeliers, marble columns and gilt mirrors mean The Saint Paul Hotel knows how to impress with all the shiny accoutrements of a time gone by.
2. Historical. The rooms at The Saint Paul Hotel are filled with framed prints that show famous local buildings from the years when the hotel was just beginning. 
3. Throwback. The St. Paul Grill specializes in steaks and Scotch, the kind of Mad Men-era fare that will have you scanning the restaurant for Don Draper.
4. Charming. Even with 254 rooms the luxury hotel offers boutique hotel charm, starting with the top hat-wearing doorman at the entry and continuing with the hotel’s personalized service.
5. Cozy. With a crackling fireplace and comfortable groupings of armchairs and sofas, the lobby of The Saint Paul Hotel feels welcoming no matter what time you arrive.

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