What language is spoken in Mumbai?

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Rakhee Ghelani

The official languages of India are English and Hindi and most people understand at least some of either language, or a blend of both known as "Hinglish". Marathi is also the official language of the Mumbai and the state of Maharashtra, and is spoken widely in the city. 

Mumbai is a melting pot, with immigrants from all over India who have brought their local language with them to their new home.  It is common to hear people speaking many Indian dialects including Gujarati, Telugu and Konkani. These languages have all found their way into the local dialect, which is sometimes called "Mumbaiya" or "Bombay Hindi". It can make trying to understand a local Mumbaikar challenging if they speak this blended dialect. 

Generally, everyone speaks some English, even if only a little. For someone who is frequenting the popular tourist spots in Mumbai, they should find that they can get by in Mumbai with just English. In most sit down restaurants and shopping malls, people will also be fluent in English. However it always goes a long way with a local if you can say a few words in either Hindi or Marathi. 

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