Where is the best shopping in Mykonos?

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Marissa Tejada

Famous for its fashionable crowd, Mykonos is the kind of place where you can go shopping at midnight. The mazelike streets of Chora are filled with both posh clothing boutiques and little shops run by old ladies clad in black selling chunky wool sweaters and Greek sandals that retail for hundreds of dollars at Barneys.
First things first, buy those sandals. They’re handmade and come in all sorts of colors and designs for the entire family. Check out Mykonos Sandals in Little Venice and Eccentrics by Design on Zouganeli Street.
Next, buying a piece of jewelry while visiting Greece is a must. Jewelry stores in Greece are as common as bakeries and cafes. You’ll practically trip over one on every block in Mykonos, where you can buy handmade silver and gold jewelry. For pieces that look like they may have been worn by Aphrodite or Athena, check out Lalaounis on Polikandrioti Street. This is the place to go for thick gold cuffs and other ancient Greek-inspired jewelry.
For clothing, Soho-Soho on Matoyanni is the most well-known boutique. The chic shop has locations around Greece and sells everything from Yosi Sama flats to Alice By Temperley dresses and fun tees by Amsterdam-based Zoe Karssen.
In addition to clothing and accessories, Mykonos is a place to shop for art. An impressive collection of art galleries (some of which are based in Athens) sell the work of some of Greece’s most famous artists, as well as creations from talented foreign artists inspired by the island’s beauty.

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