What do we love most about The Wauwinet?

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Narrowing down the best things about The Wauwinet isn’t easy work, but somebody’s gotta do it. Here are the five things we love most about the property:

1. The restful atmosphere. The sweet sound of peace and quiet! The Wauwinet is located about nine miles outside of Nantucket Town in a secluded part of the island. The inn has only 32 rooms and doesn’t allow children under the age of 12. There are few residential homes near the property, giving you plenty of space to enjoy the area.

2. The bay and ocean views. The inn has two separate beaches, which allow you two options for beach time. The beach closer to the hotel is the bay side beach, while the other beach faces the Atlantic. Both are spectacular and quintessentially Nantucket.

3. Activities. There’s always something to do, such as biking or playing tennis on the grounds’ clay courts. Indoors, activities range from board games to cooking demonstrations at Topper’s.

4. It’s prepared for sun or rain. The inn has island life down to a science — it’s fully prepared for the sunniest of days, but with plenty of gear to help you stay dry in the rain. Raincoats, wellies and umbrellas are available to help you brave the elements. Should you decide to stay in, the inn’s library offers plenty of rainy-day activities to pass the time.

5. Knowledgeable staff. From the concierge and the restaurant’s waitstaff to the shuttle drivers, the staff are always ready to discuss the day’s weather, the available activities or the best dishes to order at Topper's. The concierge staff have an extensive knowledge of the island and can easily offer suggestions on the best dining, bars and sights in town.

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