What is the chef at The Restaurant at Meadowood’s food philosophy?

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At The Restaurant at Meadowood, the rich evolution of California cuisine is considered a keystone in chef Christopher Kostow’s philosophy, which has always been based on the use of fresh, local products prepared simply to preserve and showcase the ingredients’ natural flavors. Kostow’s respect for locality and sustainability is exemplified within his cuisine, applied with a slightly more modern approach. If you seek out more nuanced and innovative textural juxtapositions and flavor profiles, that is exactly what Kostow strives to offer. The chef calls his cuisine evocative — not provocative. He uses the hotel’s own garden, greenhouses and chickens to execute these evocative seasonal dishes.

Rob Harrison

The Restaurant at Meadowood offers a fine dining experience in the country where the best traditions of Napa Valley are wedded with a modern, enlightened approach to cuisine inspired by our award-winning chef Christopher Kostow. "My goal is to be evocative — not provocative," Kostow explains, describing his culinary philosophy.

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