What non-alcoholic drinks or mocktails does The Restaurant at Meadowood offer?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

The Restaurant at Meadowood’s fresh brewed iced tea is its most popular non-alcoholic beverage, freshly brewed daily from a special house blend. We love the light and refreshing flavor that brings us back to grandma’s porch. The fresh iced tea goes perfectly with just about every meal served by chef Christopher Kostow. Of course, the Five-Star restaurant also offers your typical mocktails, such as the classic Shirley Temple.

However, if you are interested in an alcoholic beverage for your meal, you should definitely consider the wine pairings prepared by the chef and the master sommelier to perfectly accompany the multi-course meals offered.

The restaurant at Meadowood focuses on personalization. If you would like to enjoy any of our cocktails sans alcohol, we are happy to hold the liquor.

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