What amenities does The Hermitage Hotel provide for pets?

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Amenities for pets abound at The Hermitage Hotel, the only Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel in Tennessee. Pets are greeted on arrival with treats and toys in the guestroom, letting them know their stay will be as luxurious as their master’s. Fresh bottled spring water will keep them well hydrated, and a special in-room pet dining menu will keep their bellies full.
When it’s time to say goodnight, your pets receive all the attention you do, with a special turndown service that includes evening treats. Rover will enjoy his best sleep ever in this luxury Nashville hotel’s specialty pet bed. For an additional charge, you can take advantage of the hotel’s dog walking service and pet bath and massage services. A daily $50 fee covers all your pet’s amenities, so go ahead and let Fido indulge during his stay at The Hermitage Hotel.

Hayley Bosch

As much as possible, I try to bring my dog along with me on my travels — and when I stayed at The Hermitage Hotel in Nashville, he experienced the Five-Star life as much as I did. First of all, the luxurious hotel welcomes dogs of any size for the same fee ($50 per day). Then, our four-legged friends are treated to amenities such as plush dog beds, treats, individual food and water bowls, food, and — my favorite — bottled water. When you check in, you'll receive an envelope with all of the necessary pet information to make your (and your dog's) stay as relaxing as possible. There's a special pet in-room dining menu, which is part of the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel's "Very Important Pets" program, that features dishes such as a "Howlin' Burger Steak" and, if they're really hungry, a "Bark Back Bone-in Ribeye Steak." If you've decided to bring your cat along, felines are treated to the same luxury as canines, with menu items including "Sniff Milk-infused Salmon" and "Healthy Kitty Chicken and Rice." For those of us who are busy during our stay at The Hermitage, simply set up a walking service for $15. And you can even have your pet groomed and massaged if need be.

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