Is 1808 Grille a good place for group dining?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Whether you’ve brought your family along for your stay at Hutton Hotel or you’re looking to celebrate with friends, 1808 Grille is a great place for dinner. It’s airy dining room feels far from crowded, even when every seat in the house is filled. In the middle of the two-story room are four large booths surrounding the floor-to-ceiling woodblock sculpture, and each booth can seat six comfortably. The tables around the outer edge of the dining room feature chairs along one side and a banquette on the other; this makes it easy to push the tables together to accommodate a large group.
But if you’re planning on bringing upward of 20 friends to the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant, we suggest booking one of the private dining rooms. Both can seat up to 20, so whether you’re having a working lunch or a dinner to top off a celebratory week, the private dining rooms can accommodate your party.

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