What should I pack for a trip to New Orleans?

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Karen Dalton Beninato

For a trip to New Orleans, pack for the seasons. It's Not the Heat it's the Stupidity is an old New Orleans saying meaning keep the weather in mind at all times. May through August pack loose, light colored clothing in linen or cotton. Go from Point A to Point B in a leisurely manner and pack a water bottle to stay hydrated througout your travels.

Pack your camera and phone chargers, because New Orleans is an Instagrammer's dream. A travel charger with rechargable batteries can save you from the end-of-the-day crisis of a dying camera just as dusk descends on a plantation or swamp tour.

Comfortable shoes are key, as stylish as you can manage. New Orleans' French Quarter is best traveled by foot from window shopping to concert-hopping. Save those feet and remember that properly taking in the Crescent City is not a sprint, it's a marathon.

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