What is the design style of Hyatt Union Square New York?

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Hayley Bosch

Unlike many outposts of a large hotel chain, Hyatt Union Square New York incorporates a lot of local flavor into its style. Designed by acclaimed interior designer Paul Vega (who also did Hyatt 48 Lex in Midtown), the 178-room hotel is both residential and contemporary. It’s modern enough that you can tell a lot of thought was put into creating a stylish space, but it’s comfortable — you don’t feel as if you’re in a sterile environment. Throughout the hotel, you’ll find unique touches. In the restaurant, that interesting piece of art hanging from the ceiling is actually a chain of carved wooden bunk beds, while a table in the lounge features a tree stump salvaged from Hurricane Sandy as its base. The entire hotel is sleek yet welcoming; guest rooms boast wood floors and a cork wall (which actually helps cut down the noise).

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