What is the food presentation like at Asiate?

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Asiate Food Presentation© The Five Star Travel Corporation

The food presentation at Asiate is straightforward and smart. When you dine at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant inside Mandarin Oriental, New York, you'll notice that every component on the plate contributes to the dish's overall taste and texture. For example, if there’s an herb on a carefully composed plate, it’s actually a flavorful micro herb, such as micro parsley or micro cilantro, and not merely decoration. Several dishes even showcase edible flowers, which give plates a pop of color. Indeed, the visual element is important here; white Rosenthal china acts as a canvas for the brightly colored dishes, which might include a vast array of hues. The signature butter-poached lobster, for example, is served on a bed of creamy yellow polenta and is flanked by a medley of brown enoki mushrooms and bright green snow peas. Presentation is just one of the many reasons Asiate ranks among the finest restaurants in all of New York.

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