What non-alcoholic drinks or mocktails does Asiate offer?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

For those looking to go booze-free, Asiate offers a pleasantly long list of non-alcoholic drinks. Fresh juices and non-alcoholic beers are available, as are pinot noir and gewürztraminer grape juices. The Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant really spices it up, though, with mocktails such as the Emperor’s Punch, made with lychee and blood orange juices and sour mix, and the Pomme Royale, with apple cider, pear nectar and a cinnamon-sugar rim. If you prefer brews to cocktails, you can knock back organic ginger beer and Paulaner Thomas Brau, which both contain less than 0.5 percent alcohol. Thankfully, you won’t be stuck with just water and soda if you abstain from alcohol at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant.

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