What is the scene like at DB Bistro Moderne?

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Linnea Covington

When you walk into DB Bistro Moderne, the space looks elegant, but has a more laidback feeling. Part of this is due to the bar; while it hosts high-end bottles behind the counter, the bar serves casually dressed patrons who lounge there lackadaisically nibbling on foie gras-stuffed burgers and sipping specialty cocktails like the Try, Try Again (rye, champagne and cocoa).

The next room steps it up a bit, literally given that it's located on an elevated platform. Here you’ll find a handful of cozy booths, which makes it a coveted spot best obtained by making a reservation. Beyond that, you get more into the white-linen-covered tables, an area made chic by stylish artwork and low light, but it still manages to maintain a fuss-free bistro vibe. One thing to keep in mind, because the New York restaurant is located in the Theater District, you get a lot of well-dressed patrons before and after the shows, so sometimes dining there feels a lot more elegant than the bistro aims to be.

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