What is the food presentation like at Del Posto?

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The food presentation at Del Posto is what’s to be expected of an award-winning, fine-dining restaurant: elegant, thoughtful and creative. Whether it’s lobster that’s expertly removed from the shell, smoked for two minutes and then poached and served with hazelnuts, shiitake mushrooms and topped with balsamic brown butter sauce; or it’s a trio of pork, composed of a slow-roasted pork chop, ribs, which are braised and from which the meat is extracted and then wrapped in pancetta and served with a hearty ribolitta, the dishes are meant to fully draw diners into the experience. This is partly why many of the finishing touches take place at the table in front of you. For example, when 25-year-aged vinegar is expertly drizzled over perfectly charred octopus, you become part of the cooking and dining experience, which only helps to enhance your meal. Of course, your server at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant will explain each detail of the dish and how it was prepared so that you gain a full understanding of the work that went into the carefully constructed dish that you are about to enjoy.

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