What is the menu like at Del Posto?

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The menu at Del Posto is what can be expected of Italian fine dining: rich, flavorful food prepared in exciting ways that still adhere to the heritage and roots of the cuisine. You can choose from either a five-course tasting menu composed of a primi, pasta or risotto, secondi and a dessert. Or, for those looking for a little more adventure, an eight-course tasting menu. A relatively new addition to the menu, tasting is tailored to each table based on desired food preferences. The portions are appropriately sized at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant, so you won’t need to be carried out when you’re done; alternatively, the tasting size can even be increased to include more courses.
The menu itself has a variety of seafood, meat and vegetarian options that will please any palate, whether you’re going for the spicy spaghetti with Dungeness crab, sliced jalapenos and minced scallions; or the orecchiette with lamb neck ragout carrots and toasted rye breadcrumbs — crunchy, sweet and meaty, it’s a hearty winter dish that we’d like to eat over and over again. But our most indulgent, decadent pasta choice at the New York restaurant? The tortello puzzone that’s pillow-shaped pasta stuffed with creamy Taleggio cheese and topped with black truffle butter. Think of fancy macaroni and cheese, but a thousand times better.

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