Does the menu at Koi SoHo have seasonal dishes?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Rachel Bowie

While the main menu at Koi SoHo stays consistent year-round, the chef does incorporate seasonal produce throughout the year. Make sure to ask your server about any seasonal specials while in for your meal. For example, during the autumn, the New York restaurant offers dishes including pumpkin soup or a pumpkin pie. During the wintertime, you might find more dishes featuring fresh citrus fruits, which are in season at that time. And when spring comes, don’t be surprised to see dishes showing seasonal delicacies such as morel mushrooms, fava beans, spring onions and green garlic. The seasonality extends to the bar’s cocktail program as well, where fruits are featured when they’re ripe and at the peak of flavor. You’ll be impressed: This is another place where executive chef Robb Lucas and his team at Koi SoHo in Trump SoHo New York continue to shine.

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