What are the best things to order at Koi SoHo?

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Rachel Bowie

When considering the best things to order at Koi SoHo, trust in the skill of executive chef Robb Lucas. He’s known for his creative take on traditional Japanese cuisine, so you won’t be disappointed with anything on the menu at this trendy New York City restaurant. Still, here are the best things to order at Koi SoHo:
1. Crispy rice topped with spicy tuna. While most sushi lovers have tasted rice and spicy tuna before, they’ve not had anything quite like this before. A cake of rice is sautéed in butter until it’s golden and crisp, then topped with the tender and spicy tuna, creating an addictive combination.
2. Sea bass tempura. Tender white sea bass is lightly fried in tempura batter and then lightly coated in a spicy mayonnaise sauce. With a light sprinkle of crispy onions and chives, this dish is divine.
3. Koi Dragon Roll. This is a signature sushi roll at Koi and it’s easy to see why. This maki sushi roll is stuffed with crisp shrimp tempura, unctuous freshwater eel and baked crabmeat, then topped with crunchy golden tempura flakes and slightly sweet eel dressing. A ribbon of Sriracha hot sauce on the plate adds a thrilling hint of spice.  

4. Short ribs. In an Asian take on the classic dish, beef short ribs are seasoned with warm spices and braised in a plum wine reduction. Creamy wasabi cauliflower purée completes the comforting dish.
5. Pan-seared scallops and crab cake. A quick pan searing leaves the sweet sea scallops tender and juicy while the crab cakes are flaky and moist.  Mango salsa and champagne wasabi tobiko add bright bursts of color and flavor.

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