What is the interior design of Koi SoHo?

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Rachel Bowie

Koi SoHo in Trump SoHo New York features a sleek and minimalist interior design.  In many ways, stepping into Koi SoHo creates the same feeling of calm that you experience in a high-end spa. Earthy tones, gauzy white curtains covering the floor-to-ceiling windows along the perimeter of the room, towering orchids and garden-like features — all make Koi SoHo feel like a slightly exotic oasis for travelers and locals alike. The space is set up with privacy in mind; the main dining room features plenty of dark corners, perfect for hiding away and discreetly dining under the radar.

Our favorite detail: the hand-blown glass chandeliers, which hang delicately from the high ceilings, casting a soft light throughout the candlelit room. Make sure to take a peek at the upstairs breakfast area while you’re there — the spiral staircase is your cue that there’s a second floor above the already massive space. But despite its size, Koi SoHo remains intimate and cozy, making it a great place to relax after a long day exploring New York.

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