What non-alcoholic drinks or mocktails does Koi SoHo offer?

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Rachel Bowie

While you won’t find any non-alcoholic drinks or mocktails listed on the menu at Koi SoHo, the creative bar staff love creating libations without alcohol. Bar manager Christopher Choquet says that the popular Spiked Lemonade can easily be modified to please a teetotaler. The drink starts with peppermint tea, then the bartender adds passion fruit purée for tang and simple syrup. Another cocktail at Koi SoHo features fresh watermelon juice, which makes a satisfying drink when mixed with a little club soda and a splash of lime. Choquet also keeps a house-made lemon simple syrup behind the bar, which can be easily mixed with fruit juice, muddled mint and sparkling water to make an original virgin cocktail. Plus, Koi SoHo also offers a full range of soft drinks including ginger beer, fruit juices and water. At the New York restaurant, you can still enjoy an inventive beverage even if you’re skipping alcohol.

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