What are five things I should know about Le Cirque New York?

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After your reservation at Le Cirque is confirmed, there are several things you should know about the restaurant before you visit:

1. Its history. The most important thing to note about the New York restaurant is its history. Le Cirque’s owner Sirio Maccioni first opened its doors in 1974, making it a much-celebrated and long-term part of New York’s restaurant scene.

2. It’s worldwide. You should also know that Le Cirque now has several locations around the world in Las Vegas, the Dominican Republic, New Delhi and on the Holland America Cruise Line.

3. The people-watching. If you score a reservation at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant, you should expect great people-watching during your visit. Celebs, ranging from Kirk Douglas to Sophia Loren, have all been in to dine. The proof? Their photos are displayed on the restaurant’s walls, all taken during their individual visits.

4. The over-the-top décor. The circus-inspired interior is in tune with the restaurant’s namesake. In fact, the main dining room is even modeled after a big top, with bright colors to match.

5. It’s fine dining. Although you may be under the big top, Le Cirque is known for its elegant fine dining and decadent French-Italian cuisine.

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