What is the price range for a meal at Le Cirque New York?

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The price of a meal at Le Cirque depends on which meal you order and which section of the restaurant you are seated in. If you are in for lunch in the main dining room, a three-course prix fixe menu is available for $45. This includes an appetizer, an entrée and a dessert. Of course, ordering the prix fixe menu is optional — at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant, you’re always welcome to dine à la carte. The lunch appetizers range in price from $18 to $49; the lunch entrées are priced between $35 and $65. If you’re in for dinner in the main dining room, expect a similar price range. Dinner appetizers ordered à la carte go for $21 to $47, while the entrées cost $39 to $69. A seasonal prix fixe menu is offered in the main dining room for $92, and a seasonal five-course chef’s tasting menu is available for $125.

If you’re eager to try Le Cirque, but it’s a little bit beyond your budget, our recommendation is to dine in the café for a bit more casual fare. Slightly less stuffy than the main dining room, we found the café to be just as full as the main dining room on the Saturday night we were there. If you’re at the café for lunch, a two-course prix fixe menu is available for $28. If you pay $10 more, it will include dessert. If you order a la carte off the lunch menu in this New York restaurant’s café, expect a price range of $12 to $60 for appetizers and $16 to $65 for your main course. A prix fixe dinner option is also available at the café. For $35, you get two courses, but if you pay $10 extra, you can add dessert. Whether you’re in for lunch or dinner in the café, you will order off the same menu for both.

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