What is the interior design of The Palm Court?

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The Palm Court Interior©FairmontHotelsAndResorts

The interior design of The Palm Court is traditional and grand. Located just off the lobby inside The Plaza Hotel, the New York restaurant is easy to spot — the palm trees are an instant giveaway that you’ve arrived at the right place. Expect an interior design style that’s spacious and bright. The tables are decorated with white tablecloths and silver, while the chairs are covered in a variety of blue, beige and purple velvets. A single calla lily in a silver votive serves as the centerpiece for every table. Overall, the design scheme follows that of the Four-Star Plaza Hotel. The Beaux Arts style and opulence meets a garden courtyard feel, complete with faux-green hedges that line the front perimeter of the room. And the restaurant’s piece de resistance? To find it, just look up. There, you’ll spot an 1,800-square-foot stained glass lay light that has been restored to its original condition following the $450-million renovation of The Plaza Hotel. It serves as a wonderful focal point in a room filled with history and charm.

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