What kinds of scrubs are offered at The Spa at Four Seasons New York?

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At The Spa at Four Seasons New York, we offer three kinds of scrubs. Each is 80 minutes and costs $275:

Big Apple Antioxidant: The treatment begins with a full-body scrub with brown sugar and apple. Apple enzymes help to dissolve dead skin cells and improve the health of the skin. The scrub is rinsed off in the Vichy shower, and then a full-body massage with apple body butter concludes the treatment.

Healing and Detox Wrap: After an invigorating dry exfoliation, you will be cocooned in detoxifying seaweed wrap. This treatment regenerates microcirculation in areas where collagen or elasticity has been damaged, to reduce water retention and help tone and tighten skin. A scalp and foot massage are included.

Lemon Coffee Invigorator: Begin with an invigorating coffee scrub to remove dead skin cells. After a warm rinse in the Vichy shower, a full-body massage with coffee oil promotes circulation and detoxification. The healing power of the ingredients — ground coffee, neroli, sugar and fresh lemon juice — will leave you feeling recharged and awake.

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