What are the rooms like at Grand Cascades Lodge at Crystal Springs Resort?

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Linnea Covington

Overall, the rooms at Grand Cascades Lodge at Crystal Springs Resort have a homey vibe, almost Jersey-chic, and coupled with the decorations and basic construction of this newly renovated space, it works together to give you a comfortable stay. The resort hosts 228 rooms, and depending on when you come, whom you are with, and how long you stay, they are good for different people. For visiting families, wedding parties, or prolonged stays, the full suites prove suitable since they include a washing machine, full kitchen with a large fridge, separate sitting room with a television, one or two large bedrooms, and bathroom with two sinks, a tub, and a shower. Plus, some of the rooms sport a fireplace deck that overlooks the golf course. 

The studio suites prove a good option for a romantic getaway, as each room has a gas fireplace in the center, perfect for cozying up on a cool night. These rooms also feature a king or queen bed with a Tempur-Pedic mattress, a dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, washer, dryer, and balcony. For basic amenities, you can also stay in the 340-square-foot premium guestrooms, which have the same types of beds, a flat-screen television, and roomy bathroom.

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