What amenities are provided for business travelers at The Inn at Little Washington?

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While The Inn at Little Washington isn’t exactly the place business travelers flock to on a regular basis, you will find amenities geared toward the working guest. The Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel located in Northern Virginia recently did away with its loaner laptops and made the leap to iPads. But if you do need to use a computer while you’re here, you’ll find one in the business center inside the Norman House. Open 24 hours a day, the business center has a printer and fax machine for complimentary use. But perhaps the best amenity for business travelers is the complimentary Wi-Fi offered throughout the hotel (even on terraces and in the garden). The Five-Star inn also boasts a newly refurbished ballroom, which can serve as a private conference room with audiovisual equipment, a 64-inch flat-screen TV and a DVD system, making the hotel a great option for a small business retreat. 

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