What is the price range for a meal at The Inn at Little Washington?

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When you make the trek to The Inn at Little Washington in Northern Virginia, you should be ready to pay a pretty penny for your unforgettable meal. Of course, it depends on which day of the week you choose to dine at this Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant. But no matter the day or price, everything that you gobble up at The Inn at Little Washington is worth every penny.

The Inn at Little Washington uses what it calls a “plus, plus, plus” system when it comes to the bill. The advertised dinner price includes solely the tasting menu; then if you choose to drink, there is an additional price — one of the pluses. The other two pluses are tax and gratuity.

As could be expected, the dinner menu is cheaper during the week than on weekends. But even so, you still have a couple of choices in regards to what kind of menu you want to feast on. Whether you opt for the six- or 10-course menu, you’ll be more than satisfied.

If you happen to be dining at the Five-Star restaurant Monday, Wednesday or Thursday, you can expect the six-course menu to be $158, while the 10-course dinner is $218 — both are just the base dinner prices, remember to take into account the “three pluses.” The reason we don’t list Tuesday as part of this list is that the restaurant is usually closed on Tuesday; but if it happens to be one of those Tuesdays that it’s open, the price would be the same.

The weekend dinners are a bit pricier since that’s the busy time, even though we went on a Monday and it was packed. On Friday and Sunday, the six-course prix fixe menu is $168 and the 10-course tasting menu is $228. As far as Saturday goes, this is the most expensive day. You can expect the six- and 10-course menus to be $188 and $248, respectively. And don’t forget drink, tax and gratuity.

Trust us, as soon as that first bite hits your taste buds, you’ll know that it’s worth every penny. The Inn at Little Washington is one of those restaurants that you don’t even look at the price because you’ll eat it no matter the cost; it’s that good.

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