What is the design style of Reunion Resort?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Reunion Resort has a design style that stands out from the typical bricks-and-mortar hotel buildings. Its main building, The Grande, is the focal point of the resort. Modern with tall columns and black-and-white marble floors, The Grande is a central meeting spot for Reunion Resort guests and members. The lobby features a grand piano, a bar and floor-to-ceiling windows that look out over the driving range. All the rooms in The Grande are one- and two-bedroom suites (called executive villas) and are outfitted with modern furnishings.  
Outside of The Grande, Reunion Resort is made up of 10 areas, which each have their own vibe and personality. These individual areas — or neighborhoods, as the resort calls them — feature everything from flowering gardens, cobblestone sidewalks, three-car garages and white-picket fences. Most of the villas in the neighborhoods are owner-occupied, so the décor and design will vary from home to home.

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