What makes Reunion Resort different from other hotels?

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Reunion Resort is different from the rest in that it’s more like a gated neighborhood, and less like a typical Florida hotel. It’s easy to get confused as you pass the grand gates and drive through the residential-looking property toward The Grande building, which serves as Reunion’s welcome center. But rest assured you’re in the right place. The Grande is the main tower where you’ll find the larger dining venues and one- and two-bedroom suites (known as Estate Villas). That’s about as hotel as it gets. The rest of the part-residence, part-hotel facility is set among 10 individual neighborhoods, where you can rent villas, homes and condos. Reunion is mainly owner-owned, so you’re essentially vacationing in someone’s beautiful abode if you opt for a villa or home (that’s not to say there aren’t options; you’ll have more than 30 room types from which to choose).

While Reunion boasts 10-plus pools, an onsite water park and championship golf courses, one of its biggest draws is its proximity to Walt Disney World. The Orlando hotel sits just six miles from the theme park, though you won’t have to fight the Disney crowds; thanks to its location against traffic, you’ll rarely get stuck on the road.
Another feature that sets the Central Florida hotel apart is that it’s a cashless and tipless resort. Your daily resort fee covers all gratuities, including those for the bellman and valet. And your keycard acts as a credit card during your stay; anything you charge on it will be billed directly to your room.

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