An opulent setting for modern French fare

60 Tables

Located in Paris’ first arrondissement with beautiful views of the Tuileries Garden, Restaurant le Meurice Alain Ducasse sits in one of the finest luxury hotels in Paris, Le Meurice. The fine-dining establishment only adds to the hotel’s elegant appeal. During the gastronomic experience, the finest seasonal ingredients are brought to life in pared-down dishes — true Alain Ducasse style. Written on the menu with the fewest words possible, dishes are highlighted for their exquisite ingredients, sourced locally from around France.

Upon entering the dining room, your eyes will be drawn to Restaurant le Meurice’s stunning décor, original fresco ceiling, gilded crown molding and strikingly simple table settings. Adding to this splendor is the service. Look out for the signature champagne cart with bottles peeking out, a dessert cart piled high with fresh fruits and the cheese cart that seamlessly floats around the dining room to bring you a wide range of choices.

The Chef

Under the guidance of renowned French chef Alain Ducasse, Restaurant le Meurice focuses on seasonal ingredients. Think black truffles and root vegetables in the winter, fresh asparagus and morel mushrooms in the spring — all depending on the daily availability of executive chef Christophe Saintagne’s producers. A not-to-miss signature item on the Paris restaurant’s menu is the warm truffled pâté, a classic French dish revisited by contemporary culinary techniques.

In true Ducasse fashion, the ingredients play a key role in every aspect of the dining experience at the veteran establishment. For more than 30 years, Ducasse has developed a unique expertise in the art of living and eating well at restaurants such as Le Jules Verne on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, Allard in the sixth arrondissement, and at Le Relais Plaza. As a creative cuisinier who strives to offer the finest in French fare, he brings with him a global perspective on elevated eats and hospitality. Together with Saintagne, Restaurant le Meurice shines bright in the spotlight for its inventive, gastronomic cuisine, paying respect to both classical French and modern techniques.

The Food

In September 2014, the cuisine at Restaurant le Meurice was reimagined according to Ducasse’s vision, “We must return to the essential. Start at the very beginning, where the real tastes, the original perfumes are to be found. Allow them to express their strength and subtlety. Return technique to its true, unique role: revealing nature’s flavors.” One of the restaurant’s signature dishes is the lobster cookpot, made with seasonal lobster and sea potatoes, which brings to life simple ingredients in a surprising way.

And to support the subtle cuisine and highlight the quality of products used, a wine list was created featuring the best of French vinos from Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Rhône Valley. The result? You can now savor a gastronomic dialogue with Ducasse’s food. In addition, chef Saintagne offers you the pleasure of tailoring a menu to your desires, blending the exigency of fine culinary science with the attentiveness and service of a Dorchester Collection hotel.

The Design

Inspired by the Salon de la Paix at the Château de Versailles, the Paris restaurant’s dining room is striking in both its classical majesty and its modernity. Expect to see antique mirrors, original hand-painted fresco ceilings and crystal chandeliers set off against refined, contemporary tables and the clean lines of the place settings.

Each table is set with a copper mould belonging to the chef’s private collection — a nicety as well as another signature trait of Ducasse — serving as a pedestal for seasonal greens displayed like centerpieces in place of floral arrangements. Details such as the stylistic freedom of the table are meant to enrich the surprise of the gastronomic experience.

Elegance at Restaurant le Meurice is found not only in the meal, but also in the ever-present subtleties — the heaviness of the marble butter dish by Pierre Tachon next to the delicate, chic glassware by Carlo Moretti, and the handmade dishes by Pieter Stockmans and Shinichiro Ogata.

And in addition to the main dining room facing the Tuileries Garden, you are also welcome to reserve the private dining room, which comes with a view into chef Saintagne’s kitchen, where all of the magic happens.

DETAILS - Insider Information About This Restaurant

DETAILS - Insider Information About This Restaurant