What should I pack for a trip to Park City?

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Although Park City is home to first-rate hotels and multi-million dollar private residences, it remains a casual resort town at heart. No matter what you pack for your trip to Park City, keep it relaxed and comfortable. Bring your black-tie best if the occasion fits, but don’t forget to bring informal clothes you can wear while exploring the mountains or walking up and down Main Street. You can dress up at night to hit the clubs and bars.

When packing, think in layers — lighter in the summer, warmer in the winter. In the mountains temperatures can drop quickly at night, so although the sun may be beating down during the day, at night you’ll likely need a light cardigan or jacket at even the warmest times of year. During the winter, the need for layers is even more crucial, especially if you’ll be making the most of the outdoors by skiing or snowmobiling.

Because the city is located at a high altitude — Main Street is 7,000 feet above sea level — the sun does damage more quickly. Be sure to pack sunscreen, sunglasses and a water bottle, as the altitude can make you feel dehydrated or light-headed.

Also, don’t forget a camera. Park City has picture-perfect vistas everywhere you turn.

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