Can I become a fractional owner of a private aircraft?

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Alex Skjong

It’s easy to become a fractional owner of a private aircraft with NetJets. The company allows you to purchase an undivided interest in a specific aircraft; the size of your share will be proportional to how many hours you fly in a year. The smallest share you can purchase is a 1/16 interest (about 50 hours of annual airtime). Whether you go in big or small, you’ll have access to a fleet of more than 800 planes around the world — from a 14-seat jet for family vacations to a compact plane for quick business trips.
When you’re a fractional owner of a NetJets aircraft, you can have a personal jet ready and waiting for you with as little as four hours’ notice — a prime perk for frequent travelers. If you don’t travel often but still want the benefits of a private aircraft, you can sign up for a NetJets Private Jet Card, a prepaid card that’s good for 25 hours of flight time a year.

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