Can I charter a private jet for business trips?

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Alex Skjong

You can charter a private jet for business trips through NetJets. The company allows you to purchase an undivided interest in a specific aircraft and gain access to a fleet of more than 800 jets worldwide. Prices per share vary depending on the type of jet you choose — light, midsize or large cabin — and how often you fly. The smallest share you can purchase is a 1/16 interest, which gives you 50 hours of flight time a year. Your biggest upfront cost is a one-time acquisition fee: for the Phenom 300 Platinum Edition jet, which is being added to the NetJets fleet in 2013, a 1/16 interest (or 50 flight hours) costs $550,000. The largest share possible is a one-half interest, or 400 hours of flight time, which costs $4.4 million.
The fees will be worth it for the convenience of conducting your business trips via private jet. Not only can you request a plane at a moment’s notice (NetJets can have a personal jet ready and waiting in as little as four to 10 hours), but you can cut down on flight times and skip the long security lines. Plus, once on board, you’ll be treated to gourmet treats, in-flight movies, comfy blankets for sleeping and, on most planes, Wi-Fi. So you’ll touch down for your business meeting prepared and refreshed.

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