Can I take a NetJets plane to Europe?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Alex Skjong

You can absolutely take a NetJets plane to Europe — in fact, our Forbes Travel Guide editors can’t think of a better way to get there. NetJets has affiliate programs throughout Europe, which means you can be whisked to the continent on a private jet, minus all the hassle of dodging traffic and waiting in long security lines. And since NetJets flies to more than 170 countries, you can get to just about anywhere in Europe, whether you need to take a last-minute business trip to London or want to get away for a weekend in Paris. The best part? You’ll shave hours off your flying time. Say you’re flying NetJets to Barcelona from New York — your flight time will be about seven hours rather than the usual 10. Request a NetJets plane and touch down in Europe refreshed and ready to explore some of the world’s most beautiful cities, with hours to spare.

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