Does NetJets participate in any carbon offset programs?

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Alex Skjong

When you fly with NetJets, you don’t have to worry about the greenhouse gases emitted during your flight — the company participates in a voluntary carbon offset program that allows passengers to invest in projects that remove the equivalent amount of gases from the atmosphere. Carbon offsets can be purchased based on your share size and the aircraft type you own with NetJets or as a Marquis Jet Card owner.
NetJets carefully selected its projects, with the help of outside environmental experts, from 3Degrees, a company that helps facilitate carbon offset and renewable energy projects. Right now, NetJets is participating in four projects across the United States, including the installation and operation of a methane-capture system in an abandoned coal mine in rural Illinois and a dairy farm project in California, Indiana, New York and Oregon that turns methane gas into electricity. You can sign up or stop your participation at any time — NetJets does not profit from this program — so you can rest assured 100 percent of your donation is being used to make a healthier, greener environment.

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