How can I get fractional ownership of a private jet?

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Alex Skjong

You can get fractional ownership of a private jet with NetJets. The company gives you all the perks of owning a jet — total privacy, no security lines, shorter flight times — without the hassle (and cost) of full ownership. Through NetJets, you can purchase an undivided interest in a specific aircraft; the size of your share is proportional to how many hours you fly in a year, with the smallest share available being a 1/16 interest (about 50 hours of annual airtime). Whether you go in big or small, you’ll have access to a fleet of more than 800 planes around the world. Going solo on a business trip to Europe? Request the compact Cessna Citation Bravo. Taking your whole family on a Florida vacation? Opt for the 14-passenger Gulfstream V.
If you’re a frequent traveler who could benefit from having a plane available at a moment’s notice, fractional ownership with NetJets could be a good fit; the company can have a personal jet ready and waiting with as little as four to 10 hours’ notice. And because NetJets chooses your pilot and crew, tends to jet maintenance and enforces top-notch safety standards, you don’t have to worry about all the pesky details — just sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.

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