What's the best way to get to Paris?

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Alex Skjong

Available in Europe, the NetJets Private Jet Card lets you fly in style to Paris, at your convenience, with a pre-paid card that’s good for 25 hours of flight time a year. You simply choose the jet you’d like to fly on and each time you travel your flight time is deducted from your balance. This program is perfect for passengers who fly less than 50 hours a year, prefer a short-term commitment or just want to test out NetJets. If you like the program, you can purchase an undivided interest in a specific jet and become a partial owner of a plane — which gives you even more airtime and convenience. To become a Private Jet Card holder, all you have to do is cover one upfront payment, then you’re jetting off to cities like Paris for a romantic weekend for two, or a last-minute business presentation. The Private Jet Card is available in amounts of 25 hours for one year, or 50 hours for two years, and in different aircraft-type combinations. The only question is what will you do with the time you saved by skipping the line at the airport? See the Mona Lisa? Enjoy a walk along the Seine? We recommend both.

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