Is there a timeshare program for private jets?

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Alex Skjong

The closest you’ll get to a timeshare program for private jets is NetJets. The company allows you to become a fractional owner of a private jet — giving you all the perks (total privacy, shorter flight times) and none of the headaches (delays, long security lines). The size of your share is proportional to how many hours you fly in a year, but no matter how big or small your ownership, you’ll gain access to a worldwide fleet of private jets at your beck and call.
In addition to supplying a plane that can take you almost anywhere you need to go with as little as four hours’ notice, NetJets provides the entire experience of a luxury flight, including expert pilots, flight attendants and maintenance professionals who ensure the safety of everyone onboard. NetJets maintains more than 800 planes — with 13 of the most popular business jets in the world — and can accommodate seven to 14 passengers at a time (pets too). You have the option of choosing light, midsize or large cabins, so there’s always plenty of legroom — and room for the family to tag along.

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