What is included in a NetJets ownership?

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Alex Skjong

Regardless of how large your share is, when you purchase ownership in NetJets you gain access to a worldwide fleet of private jets ready at your beck and call. With NetJets you are a fractional aircraft owner, so you are purchasing an undivided interest in a specific jet — the size of your share is proportional to how often you fly.
In addition to supplying a plane that can take you almost anywhere you need to go in as little as four hours hours, NetJets provides the entire experience of a luxury flight, including experienced pilots, flight attendants and maintenance professionals who ensure the safety of everyone onboard. NetJets maintains more than 800 planes with 13 of the most popular business jets in the world and can accommodate seven to 14 passengers at a time (including your furry friends). You have the option of choosing light, mid-size or large cabins so there’s always plenty of legroom — and room for the family to tag along.
On board, you’ll be served top-notch refreshments and meals worthy of a Five-Star restaurant, such as smoked salmon, fresh crab or a Mezze plate topped with olives and hummus. There are more than 20 in-flight snacks to choose from — ranging from cookies and candy to granola bars and gourmet nut mixes — as well as carefully selected champagnes and wines. On large cabin aircraft you can even curl up with ultra-soft micromodal blankets from luxury retailer Glen Saxon.
For business travelers on the go, NetJets started adding WiFi capabilities to mid-size and large cabin jets in the summer of 2010. Slated to be completed by September, the installation will allow passengers to use laptops, e-readers and tablets at the lightning-fast speed of wireless mobile broadband, as if they were on the ground.

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