What’s the benefit of being a NetJets owner?

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Alex Skjong

As a NetJets owner, you will experience all the benefits of owning a private plane — minus the hassles. Forbes Travel Guide editors love that you can take off at a moment’s notice (NetJets can have a plane ready for you in as little as four hours), as well as the on-board perks like movies, gourmet snacks and, on some planes, Wi-Fi.
Of course, you can’t beat the decrease in travel time. NetJets owners can get just about everywhere a little bit faster. This seamless travel starts at the airport, where you won’t have to deal with check-in, security lines or pre-boarding procedures. And once you reach your plane, it will be ready for takeoff. So while a commercial flight from Chicago to New York can take up to five hours total, on NetJets you can make the trip in just under two.

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