What’s the best way to charter a private jet?

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Alex Skjong

If you're looking to charter a private jet, there are a some private aviation companies, such as NetJets, that have made that process quick and easy. The company even gives you the chance to become a fractional owner of the jet. Through NetJets, you can purchase an undivided interest in a specific aircraft; the size of your share is proportional to how many hours you fly in a year. The smallest share you can purchase is a 1/16 interest (about 50 hours of annual airtime), but whether you go in big or small, you’ll have access to a fleet of more than 800 planes around the world. Taking a solo business trip to Europe? Request the compact Cessna Citation Bravo. Bringing your whole family on a Florida vacation? Book the 14-passenger Gulfstream V.
If you’re a frequent traveler wanting to have a plane available for last-minute trips, fractional ownership with NetJets could be a good fit; the company can have a personal jet ready and waiting with as little as four to 10 hours’ notice. And because NetJets coordinates your pilot and crew, handles jet maintenance and enforces rigorous safety standards, you don’t have to worry about any of the details of jet ownership — you can just sit back and enjoy the flight.

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