Natural therapies in Puerto Vallarta

3 Treatment Rooms

Getting away from it all sometimes means anything but. A trip to the spa, though, can reset any temptation to break out the laptop. At Spa Casa Velas, inside Casa Velas Resort in Puerto Vallarta, the detox and relaxation experience starts the minute your suitcase arrives in the porte cochere. Your health and wellness are the top priorities of the attentive staff.

The 6,500-square-foot escape stimulates all the senses with its full menu of gemstone-themed services.

The Setting

Casa Velas is known for its stunning onsite botanical gardens, and that tropical touch comes into play during every facet of the spa experience, where the environment is divided between indoor spa cabins and tranquil outdoor areas.

Aromas from the garden abound. Catch wafts of lavender, eucalyptus and lemongrass as you listen to the soothing murmurs of a Zen soundtrack. Clove, mint, aloe vera, spearmint and basil leaves are used in aromatherapy treatments for their relaxation properties.

Before and after a service, get centered in the relaxation area with a warm neck compress scented with an aromatic fragrance amid the sound of trickling fountains and the peaceful hue of candlelit corridors. On offer you’ll find herbal tea infusions, chlorophyll beverages and spa snacks such as fruit and nuts.

Once situated in a robe and slippers, dip into the hydrotherapy amenities — separate for men and women — such as the sauna, pressure shower, steam room with eucalyptus inhalation and Jacuzzi. These features can be used as many times as you desire while checked in.

The Services

Sixty types of treatments to choose from seems like a daunting number, but the spa menu has been arranged into five easily navigable precious gemstone collections: onyx, jade, amethyst, ruby and diamond. Designed to set certain intentions  and to relieve specific concerns, the treatments come in all forms: massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, extreme anti-aging facials and lymphatic drainage, just to name a handful.

Onyx, a protective stone, promotes mental health and well-being. Jade is the essence of perfection and nobility, and the services that fall under it represent new levels of luxury.

Try the Quiro-Golf Four Hands Massage, which entails two therapists using golf balls to get into deep, hard-to-reach muscles. Mind, body and soul connections are emphasized in the Amethyst Collection to strengthen intuitive awareness. Ruby treatments such as the Neuro-Aroma Candle Massage incorporate fire to spark passion, strength and rejuvenation.

In the Diamond Collection, experience the Casa Velas Herb Ritual, which clears away dead skin cells, releases toxins and promotes deep relaxation using compresses with orange peel, cloves, bay leaf and horsetail.

The Wellness Suites

If you're looking to find a little extra serenity in your Puerto Vallarta escape, opt for one of the resort's new Wellness Suites. These private sanctuaries are the ideal respite for the health conscious or those just looking to detoxify and de-stress. Enjoy the services of a bespoke wellness concierge, Nikken-branded bedding for a restful night's sleep (the supportive head and neck pillow is especially nice, as it provides support for spinal alignment) and a vitamin C shower that lightly spritzes you with antioxidant-rich essential oils. You can even book a massage on your private terrace beneath the shade of the local palm trees.

The Bonuses

Beyond the suites and treatments, don’t miss the Life-Fitness gym. With floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the surrounding gardens and fountains, treadmills, bikes, cross-trainers and free-weight machines balance out all the good eating that happens during the all-inclusive experience. There’s also a boutique with a selection of products to take home so you can extend the afterglow from all of the pampering.

After reemerging into the real world, indulge in a beauty ritual at the salon. Women and men are fully taken care of with a complete menu of hair and nail care, cuts, color and products.

Find elements of the Puerto Vallarta spa at play throughout the adults-only setting. Most noticeably, the herbal cocktails use ingredients from the botanical garden: mint for mojitos, cilantro for margaritas and even hibiscus flowers to make martinis. Because what’s a well balanced life without a little bit of fun, too?

DETAILS - Insider Information About This Spa

DETAILS - Insider Information About This Spa