What words best describe the style of The Carolina?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

If we had to describe the style of The Carolina Hotel at Pinehurst Resort, here are the words we would use:

1. Elegant. The Forbes Travel Guide Recommended hotel is elegant, with large chandeliers, lavish décor and sophisticated furnishings. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to an era of grandeur.

2. Southern. You’ll feel the Southern vibe here in the hospitality of the staff and the small touches of the service, including tea time. It’s just a slower, Southern pace, perfect for relaxing and unwinding. (Tip: the rocking chairs on the porch are perfect for that.)

3. Charming. The property just oozes charm. From the beautiful surrounding trees and colorful flowers to the wraparound porch and hospitable staff, The Carolina is incredibly charming.

4. Family-friendly. You’ll find children running about on the expansive land, whether in the pool or on the putting green. It’s a perfect spot for families to take a vacation.

5. Traditional. The luxury Pinehurst hotel has been around since 1901 and with updates and renovations, it has certainly stood the test of time. With its traditional Southern design, it will always be a landmark in the area.

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