What kind of massages are offered at The Spa at Fearrington?

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The Spa at Fearrington offers a massage for virtually every type of need, from the mother-to-be to the triathlete, including:

1. Swedish relaxation. It’s a classic full-body massage that uses long, smooth strokes to stimulate circulation and encourage relaxation.

2. Reflexology. An ancient Eastern technique applies pressure to various points on the feet to re-establish energy flow and circulation.

3. Well-being massage. Choose a customized massage with a focus on one of four areas: releasing tension, spirit revival, re-energizing your body or Chakra balancing to reconnect your mind, body and spirit.

4. Deep tissue. This technique applies slow and focused pressure to decrease muscle tightness and promote better circulation.

5. Hot stone. Smooth, heated basalt stones are placed on key points of the body to relieve tension, while another set of stones are used in a relaxing Swedish massage.

6. Sports massage. This invigorating massage at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star spa uses friction, compression and stretching to ease those aching muscles.

7. Gentle massage. Gentle strokes are used to improve circulation, relieve muscle tension and ease body and mind in the more mature spa goer.

8. Prenatal massage. A nurturing side-lying massage incorporates pregnancy pillows to relax and support the expecting mother-to-be, ending with a nurturing facial and scalp massage.

9. Couples massage. You and a loved one choose from among the Fearrington Selection massages (Swedish relaxation, reflexology and aromatherapy) for a relaxing side-by-side massage.

10. Express. Get fast rejuvenation with an invigorating back, neck and shoulder massage.

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